Our Mission

The Run for Palestine is held annually to raise awareness of the Palestinian struggle for human rights – freedom, justice, civil liberties and self-determination.

  • The Run is a sporting and family event that seeks to bring public attention to the desperate needs of Palestinian children who do not have any of the advantages or basic human rights of children in Australia.
  • The Run sponsors various programs chosen by the host organisations in each participating city.  These programs include medical treatment, aid in the rehabilitation of handicapped children and aid to improve the daily living conditions of these children and especially those who have been orphaned.  The aid provides food, clothing, healthcare, access to clean drinking water, education and ability development.
  • The Run for Palestine works within the bounds of United Nations resolutions, international humanitarian law and human rights law to help Palestinians who are denied their right to lead a normal life in their own homeland.

This is an Australians for Palestine initiative.
Please visit our website www.australiansforpalestine.com to find out more about us and the work we do.

A collection of paintings by
Palestinian refugee children.