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Run for Palestine 2017


Over 1000 people in 4 Australian cities lined up on Sunday 19 November to take part in the annual Run for Palestine Australia 2017. It was magnificent!

Runners, walkers and families came together to support Palestinian human rights on a day blessed with sunshine. From its first beginnings in 2012, this Run keeps on growing and receives increasing support from the Australian community. After all, who can deny anyone human rights when we enjoy our own freedoms, often without a second thought?

The T-shirts certainly carried the message, but word-of-mouth and social media made sure that it was scattered far and wide. The wonderful phenomenon of this Run is that everyone who participates the first time comes back again the next, bringing more friends who all contribute to a growing movement for Palestine.

Two of those cities held their first run ever — Sydney and Perth. It was no mean feat considering the amount of planning and coordination that goes into making such an event happen, especially when everyone is a volunteer.

Melbourne’s run collected more than $29,000 — $16,000 will go to Olive Kids and $13,000 to the Palestine Red Crescent Society in Gaza. We cannot stress enough how much these contributions help the children struggling for some sense of normalcy in the most oppressive conditions. Thank you to all whose hearts were moved by those with so little and who helped us achieve this great result.

We hope though that your support doesn’t stop with this run. Palestinian children are constantly in need as their daily living conditions deteriorate even further. Donations can continue to be made through our website.

Each city will write their own report about their run. Timing results have already been posted on the website and photos will also be posted.

Aside from the money and awareness raised, the Run is a fantastic way of bringing the Palestinian community and their supporters together, even if only for a few hours. Families enjoyed the singing, dancing and revelry, while the many fun attractions were a magnet for children. Three food vans made sure that no one was hungry, but Kamahl’s famous BBQ was certainly missed by many.

It couldn’t have been a more splendid Melbourne day for runners, walkers and watchers alike. The smiles were broad, the energy was palpable and the results were proof of yet another successful event for Melbourne’s sixth annual Run for Palestine. We hope you will join us again next year. Keep a look out for the 2018 date and make sure that you let all your family and friends know.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and volunteered their time and efforts and also to all those who donated. We couldn’t do this without you.

The Run for Palestine Australia team

Ready, Set, Pose – Snapshots of the Day

“At first he was a Palestinian child, but his consciousness developed to have a national then a global and human horizon. He is a simple yet tough child, and this is why people adopted him and felt that he represents their consciousness.”
Naji Al-Ali, Artist